Watching our online services

We use YouTube, specifically the St John's Channel, as the prime way to access our online services. As well as on computers and mobile devices, the services can be watched on a Smart TV - load the YouTube app and search for St John's Harpenden.

For many services we provide a Liturgy; if one is available the specific one will be detailed in the Calendar entry for the day; our standard liturgies are listed to the right / in the menu bar.  We continue to provide Church at Home written material (again, a link in the Calendar entry); it contains a range of additional material that traditionally appeared in the printed materials handed out at the start of services, such as readings, the prayers, and listings of the sick, those on their year's mind etc.

Virtual coffee together after the Sunday 9:30 service continues, but now at 10:30am and still using Zoom; connection details are in our weekly newsletter.

Activity on Zoom

We use Zoom as our preferred virtual meeting tool; in particular, we use it for:

  • Sunday morning virtual coffee at 11am - typically for around 30 minutes
  • Morning Prayer Monday to Friday at 8:30am. We continue to meet for Morning Prayer on Zoom.  If you haven't already, why not join us occasionally for this special start to the day? All the words will be on the screen. 

For privacy reasons we do not publish session details such as meetings IDs and Passwords on our website.  These are available by request or by subscribing to our Newsletter.  Our Zoom guide provides more help on how to connect to a Zoom session if needed.