Quizzing at St John's

We love quizzing and what better way to raise money for our new Parish Centre than challenging yourself, your friends and family with a good old quiz. 

Our new Parish Centre will be a transformational project for the church and the local community. More details about the project can be found elsewhere on our website. 

For the run up to Christmas 2020, we have already had a quiz night and now have a written quiz:

Christmas 2020 quiz

Update, 4 January 2021: We hope you had fun sharing and solving this quiz, All the answers were on the theme of Christmas.  Some were straightforward general knowledge-type questions, others were more cryptic, including anagrams, hidden words, or homophones.

  • The Answers are available here: Download in WordPDF formats
  • The Questions (only) are still available (perhaps you are reading this for the first time in December 2021?): Download in WordPDF formats.

If you would like to make a donation (suggestion £2) for the new Parish Centre, please visit our Just Giving page; to find out more about the project, visit our dedicated page.

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Past quizzes

You can read more about our past quizzes, including the answers to our June 2020 written quiz by following the link below.

Many thanks for your support.

Our previous quizzes at St John's
Details of our past quizzes