Our Parish Eucharist for the Second Sunday of Christmas

Date: 2nd January 2022

Time: 9:30 - 10:15

Today's service is for an in-Church and an online congregation (all welcome, including visitors); our President will the the Reverend Richard Leslie (we thank him for standing in as Tim is on holiday) and Lauryn will preach.

If you are watching online, the link to watch the service is youtu.be/fbcUrVn3RK8 - either live at 9:30am or anytime afterwards (alternatively: via our Channel).

If you are coming to Church, we ask that you wear a face covering (unless exempt), respect the social distancing wants of others and take a Lateral Flow Test shortly before coming along; we will keep the Church well ventilated - more on our current arrangements page

The Order for the Service (PDF) is available online; the Readings are also available.

The links to the online service and to the resources are also in our weekly email update. To be added to future updates, please subscribe here.


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