Advent Study Group

Date: 29th November 2021

Time: 20:00

Finding God in all things: As we prepare to welcome Jesus at Christmas, an opportunity to explore how we might find God more often at work, at home, at church and in creation.  Each session features input from local, national and international speakers, followed by a chance to reflect on our own experience of God in the last year and time to share how we might be find God more often. Confirmed Speakers
 - Rev Dr Rachel Mash (the environmental Coordinator of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa)
- Jack Wakefield, Tearfund
- Christian Cole, Youth Missioner at the Diocese
- Jane Mainwaring, Archdeacon of St Albans
This course is free and open to everyone; either in-person (in someone's home) or join us on Zoom.. To sign up, please contact Julie in the Parish Office.

Help needed: During this pandemic, have you found new ways of meeting God at home, work, church or in creation? Would you mind sharing (and creating a video – help will be given). If, so, please speak to Tim


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