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19th September 2021

The Parish Eucharist for the Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity

Time: 9:30 - 10:15

This week's service is for an in-Church and an online congregation (all welcome, including visitors). 

It will include a blessing of an everyday item for all ages - of something we use every day, where ever it is that we toil away - For children, this could be their school bag, for others a favourite cup they use at their desk, a small gardening implement et al ~ do bring something along!

Our President & Preacher will be our Vicar Tim. Our thanks to our Soloists (Anna, Sophie, Margaret, Derek & Warren) for singing, to our Intercessor (Stuart Burnett) and to our Live Stream Producer (Neil).

If you are coming to Church, we have concluded that we will retain mask wearing and social distancing during services; we will keep the Church well ventilated and restart inside congregational hymn singing - more on our current arrangements page

If you are watching online, the link to watch the service is youtu.be/GcBFWxkSRJw - either live at 9:30am or anytime afterwards (alternatively: via our Channel).

The Order for the Service (PDF) is available online - this includes the words for the hymns and the Readings and our Church at Home written materials contain the readings and the Parish Prayers.

The links to the online service and to the resources are also in our weekly email update. To be added to future updates, please subscribe here.


Church Open for Private Prayer

Time: 10:30 - 16:00


Online Coffee

Time: 11:00

You are invited to online Coffee on Zoom. Note, a change of time to 11am from 2 May 2021.

There are two options for obtaining the link for this:

  1. It is in our weekly newsletter. To be added to future editions, please subscribe here (and choose '2' for this week's link)
  2. Ask for the link by email


All Age Service (with Afternoon Tea before at 3pm)

Time: 16:00 - 16:25

In the vicarage Garden (we hope!). It will be about new beginnings and will include a blessing of school bags (and other bags too). Families are invited from 3pm for a (bring your own) afternoon tea in the garden.  If you would like more information, please contact Tim.


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