All about the 9:30am service at St John's Church, Harpenden

Ten things to know about St John's... Ten things to know about St John's

We keep the Churchyard car park spaces free for the less mobile amongst us.  The best options to park are Walkers Road and Queens Road (maps: Ours | Google).

In this page we are hoping to put to rest any myths about coming to St John's for the first time.

For instance, that we might pounce on you and extract money, promises that you will return etc, etc.

... well we won't !

OneIf you have children and think they would enjoy the Creche (every week) or Junior Church (all but first Sunday of the month), please take them directly to the Church Hall and introduce them and yourself to one of the adult helpers.

TwoIf you have young children with you and they get too noisy, you can take them to the lobby - the service is relayed there (but don't feel you need to move the instant they start crying !).

ThreeWe greet everyone as they enter Church - this normally happens as you go from the lobby into the Nave.

If there is a special collection for charity then this will be announced.

FourWe have a bag collection every Sunday; if you are just visiting, please don't feel obliged to leave anything.

FiveThere is no reserved seating (except for the Choir etc), although parents with children at the Creche or Junior Church often sit in the front or back rows.

We suggest you avoid the front row - that way you will have someone to follow.

SixIf people are looking possessive about the space next to them, it is probably because they are saving it for their children.

SevenIf we are singing a psalm (The hymn board has red numbers for these), it will be in your pew sheet.

EightPlease come up for Communion, or if you have not been confirmed,

If your children went to the Creche / Junior Church, then they will join you just after the Peace.
please bring a hymn book with you and the minister will give you a blessing.

NineAt the end of the Service, following the final blessing and the departure of the Choir and Minister, we leave the Church as a mass (some say "as a rabble !").  The ministerial team will be by the door to say goodbye.

TenActually we do bite - the biscuits many of us have when we head to the Church Hall for coffee and tea.

The greeters and the Churchwardens do try and spot visitors / newcomers - but this is only to say hello and be able to answer questions !

Please do join us for coffee, tea and biscuits in the Church Hall afterwards.

Please join us for coffee, tea and biscuits in the Church Hall after the service


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