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Our privacy policy is as follows:

Unless you voluntarily disclose information to us in an email, we will not know who you are - we do not collect information about individual web visitors to the site (eg their IP address).  We do not use Cookies.   The site does collect cumulative statistics, including information about referring web pages.  If you create a web site and place a link to St John's on it, we will know how many people follow this link on a monthly basis.

Candle at St John'sIf you contact us, we will use the personal information you provide (eg name, email address) in order to answer your questions. This could be by the person who receives the email you sent or other Church members better able to answer your question(s).

The emails you send to us and copies of the emails you receive from us will normally be stored within the email systems of the Church members involved in communicating with you - if you would like us to delete these, please send us an email or make it clear that you would like us to delete your messages in your original email.

We will not pass information about you to anyone else unless it is either required by law or with your explicit agreement ("If you want, I could pass your information to X [outside St John's] who may be able to help").

Church member's ISPs are likely to retain basic information about emails we exchange and telephone operators do likewise for any telephone calls we make to you.  To the limited degree we can control these records (eg the information printed on our telephone bills), we apply this policy.  Some Church members receive their emails at business addresses.  These businesses may retain a copy of all emails as a mandatory policy.

We have a number of external links on our site.  If you choose to follow these links, you will be visiting sites with other privacy policies for which St John's can take no responsibility.

At the time we first linked to these sites we considered them suitable.  If this has changed, please let us know.

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