St John's Church, Harpenden - Junior Church

Craft work at Junior ChurchWe have Junior Church every Sunday except the first Sunday of the month when we have an All Age Eucharist.

Junior Church starts at 9.30am (Children are dropped off at the Church Hall by adults on their way to the service).

We have over 50 members; they are divided into 3 groups:Pebble, Rock & Boulder

Pebbles - aged 4 to School Year 1

Rocks - Years 2 to 4

Boulders - Year 5 and 6

The standard Sunday format consists of singing, stories and a craft or cooking activity (based on a christian theme) co-ordinated by 3 adult leaders and 1 or 2 helpers.  Children join the Parish Communion in time for the Peace (about 10:15 or so).

Junior Church ActivitySpecial activities throughout the year include:

A Good Friday morning workshop.

The annual Nativity Play.

Performing prayers or songs for the congregation on special days such as Mothering Sunday.

If you would like more information, please email us.

Visiting children and grandchildren aged 4 and above are always welcome to join Junior Church (if younger, they will be welcome at Little Gems).

Children of Secondary School age join "Bedrock" (which operates on most Sundays in School terms) for debate, thought and prayer.

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