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Our Electoral Roll is our register of electors - those who are entitled to vote on Church matters, attend the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) and stand for election to the Parochial Church Council (PCC).

Being on the Electoral Roll does not make a person a member of the Church; simply regarding a particular parish church as one's spiritual home does that. In fact, a condition of joining a Church Electoral Roll is that the person is already a member.

Whilst we strongly encourage you to add yourself to the Electoral Roll as soon as you are eligible (see form for criteria), there is no requirement to be on it unless you want to stand for many of the 'official' positions in the Parish such as a PCC member - when there is often a requirement to have been on the Roll for at least 6 months.

How we maintain our Roll is set for us by Diocesan and Church of England Registration and we need to follow these standards / processes correctly; to be added to the Electoral Roll, your choices are:

Download the Form (PDF version | Word (etc) version), complete it, sign it, scan / photograph it and email it to the (Neil Middleton).

Collect the Form from the Church Porch (Vicarage side noticeboard) and leave it in the Labelled Box (annual update time) or in an Envelope addressed to the Electoral Roll Officer (other times).

Any combination of the above that is convenient.

(If you are on the Roll and want to make a change - eg a new address, please email it to (Neil Middleton).

You may be added to the Electoral Roll at any time other than between the conclusion of the Annual Revision and the APCM. The Annual Revision is a process we go through once per year in March / April. In five years out of six, we focus on additions and changes; in the sixth (next due 2019), we refresh the entire Roll and ask those already on the Roll to recertify themselves.

If you have any questions, please contact , our Electoral Roll Officer.

In 2017 our Annual Update took place from 12 March to 16 April; following the APCM; it is now open for update again.

To determine if you live in or outside the Parish, refer to the Church of England's A Church Near You website - enter your postcode and on the next page click on your address on the right hand side.

Church of England Rules on Electoral Rolls


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